Knobby Tire 2017!

Knobby Tire 2017 was a hit, and it was a hot one- literally and figuratively:). With temperatures pushing 90 degrees in late September, we were a bit surprised, but definitely excited to have a sun-filled day on the trails.  Our 2017 Knobby Tire event met our goal, and with the help of our sponsors, we were able to raise over $5000 towards Empower Spinal Cord Injury!  Huge thank you to our sponsors and partners ( and all of our dedicated volunteers, including our photographer and chili-extrodinaire, Lee Hollenbeck, and our absolutely fantastic Knobby Tire Committee members: Amy Fleischer, Kelly Spellman, Kirsten Prue (and Hannah Koch!), and Ryan DeRoche.  

We had a great day out on the trails, and were so pumped to have Karen Eagan host a Ride Like a Girl Clinic with over 15 women learning how to tear it up on the trails.  Bike-On, Northeast Passage, and GRIT were there with equipment and knowledge to help our adaptive riders get out on the trails.  And with over 50 participants this year, our 2017 Knobby Tire was our biggest event yet!  We can't wait to get started with our plans for our 2018 Knobby Tire Ride- hope to see you there!! 


Ride Like a Girl Clinic

So excited to have some female experts out there leading a clinic as a part of our Knobby Tire Ride.  All proceeds from the clinic went towards the Knobby Tire Ride and Roll!


Knobby Tire Team

Our Fantastic 2017 Knobby Tire Team soaking up some sun after a very busy event!

"From Handlebar to Joystick..."

"The theory was that I rode so much before my injury they felt that my neuro connections must be super strong. Getting back onto the bike was so emotionally painful, but joyous at the same time. Here is where my healing process begins..."

Ryan, one of the organizers for Knobby Tire, recently wrote a great piece about his journey back to the trails after a spinal cord injury.  Check out the article from the NEMBA website here: 

From Handlebar to Joystick

New Website!

In our third year of putting on the Knobby Tire Ride and Roll, we decided to designate our own website to the event,... How cool!  So here we go- we'll be updating when we get new sponsors, with any info that may be new about the event, or any other events in the area that support our mission!  Hope you enjoy and take a peak back here soon!